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Campus Connection

Hotel Near Atlanta Colleges

A hotel at the head of the class

Whether you’re in town to tour campuses with a prospective student, visit your kid who’s flown the coop, or attend an alumni event at your alma mater, Kimpton Sylvan Hotel is a convenient choice near many of Atlanta’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning.

Fuel up for a full day on campus with our morning coffee and tea service, and once you’re back, retreat to our boutique getaway, with its lush gardens, outdoor pool, and hosted evening social hour. Dorm rooms have their time and place, but we go a different route, dialing the luxe way up and pampering you with super-soft Frette linens, cozy bathrobes, and Atelier Bloem bath products.

Kimpton Sylvan is less than 10 miles away from the following Atlanta-area colleges and universities: