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Sylvan Lobby

We’re At Your Service


Tap into our knowledge and expertise

At Kimpton Sylvan Hotel, no detail goes unnoticed. We took this philosophy to the next level with our guest services. From what to eat and where to go, to what to keep in your bag and how to ensure your travel companion (pet or child) is well taken care of while you’re out, our team is on-hand to make your stay in Atlanta an unforgettable experience.

Travel Tips/Necessities

Heading outside to sight-see? Here are our recommendations on what to pack in your backpack/shoulder bag. Stop by the front desk to see what is offered at our in-house ‘Bodega’, too.

  • Spare rubber gloves/spare plastic or zip lock bag
  • Spare mask
  • Bottled of water
  • Hand sanitizer/disposable or reusable drinking straw or cutlery
  • Disinfectant wipes/tissue
  • Portable phone charger/lock/rain poncho
  • Granola bar/protein snack/chewing gum or mint
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Sunglasses/Lip balm
  • Contact information to the Sylvan (by text 470-531-8111 or by phone 470-531-8900)


Whether you’re looking for a little self-care, pet care or childcare, we’ve got you covered.