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Meet Annie Bradley

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Annie Bradley joined the Kimpton family in June of 2021 at The Kimpton Sylvan Hotel. Currently the Private Dining and Catering Sales manager, Annie oversees various event spaces for the hotel as well as The Betty, St. Julep, and Willow Bar.

While born in Florida, Annie has called Atlanta home for the majority of her life (one might even call her a native). After graduating from Georgia State University with a degree in journalism and public relations, Annie assisted in event execution with many of the best-known restaurants in Atlanta, including TWO urban licks, St. Cecelia, and The Optimist. Coming to The Sylvan Hotel gave her an opportunity to transition more into the planning of the events.

Outside of work, Annie loves spending time with her family and developing different costumes and accessories.

Favorite engagement story?

  • My best friends, Mark and Dori. I introduced them by chance at a Christmas bar and they immediately hit it off. After years of dating, Mark had decided he was ready to propose in December for their anniversary. He ordered Dori’s ring from her favorite jeweler but it was expected to arrive in January. A week before Christmas, he received notification that the ring would arrive December 21st. We quickly called around to find a Christmas bar open on Christmas Eve and made reservations. While walking into The Fox Theatre for their Christmas bar experience, Mark was extremely nervous as the ring set off the metal detector; he felt for sure he was caught. Dori, distracted by the scenery, didn’t even notice the exchange. She called me to let me know it had happened and was so happy. What she didn’t know – all of her closest friends were planning a surprise engagement party at their apartment, decorating it to look like a Christmas bar itself. When Mark opened the door to us, Dori couldn’t stop crying in excitement. To end the evening, we were all surprised by a light flurry of snow.

What is your dream wedding menu?

  • Executive Chef Brandon Chavannes has such a wonderful talent when it comes to his craft. His lasagna is what dreams are made of.

What budget advice do you have?

  • Be realistic. Know your guests and know what kind of experience you want to offer.

What are your tips on how to trim your guest list?

  • In post Covid times, I think people are more accepting to the more intimate weddings. Consider how long it has been since you’ve seen someone, how much you’ve spoken in the last year, their relationship to both and future spouse.

What is one question that all couples should ask on venue sites?

  • Always ask about your options – know that most things can be changed or altered to better fit you!

What is one piece of advice on the couple's big day?

  • Remember to enjoy it in the moment. It is so easy to focus on all the things that aren’t going right and get lost in the motions. Breathe, smile, and know that this is the start of something wonderful.

What is one of your favorite places to show people when looking at The Sylvan Hotel?

  • I love taking people into Willow Bar – the garden portion of it tends to be such a surprise by the size of it all.

How do you approach the planning of weddings?

  • Planning a wedding is like putting together a puzzle. You’ve got all the pieces – you just need to sort them out and organize. From that, you can build and put things together to create something beautiful.

What is something most couple would not know The Sylvan Hotel could offer?

  • We have an amazing hospitality suite that works perfectly for a bridal suite that can transition to the after party since it is also a room that can stayed in overnight.

What are your favorite hors d'oeuvres?

  • Mushroom and caramelized onion gougeres – they are these amazing savory puff pastries that Chef has created.

Must have photo op in or around the hotel?

  • Luckily, there are numerous breath taking photo ops here at The Sylvan Hotel. Snagging a photo in the navy Hollywood booths in The Betty, a photo at sunset up in St. Julep, standing in the garden of Willow Bar, you’ll be in love with every option.